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Annie Anna with her guitar in front of the mountains

Hi! My name is Annie Anna, and I am a singer/songwriter from central Kansas currently based in Tucson, AZ. Writing music has always been cathartic for me and really became my outlet for expressing emotion. You could describe my style as a mixture of alternative, indie, blues, and folk, and it features prominent vocals mixed with dark acoustics and auxiliary percussion. A few of my musical influences include Shakey Graves, Hozier, Fleetwood Mac, and Matt Maeson.

My love for music started very early in my life, and you could honestly say it's in my DNA (my parents met through music). As a kid, I would listen to my dad sing and play guitar nearly every day, and I grew up listening to all of his favorite bands. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to follow in his footsteps and learn how to play an instrument, so I started with piano. I had always loved singing, and after a few years of piano lessons, I started learning how to sing while playing. My "debut" as a singer was in the middle school talent show, and with lots of encouragement from classmates, I started working towards playing my own shows. My very first show was at a local coffee shop, where I played piano and sang with one of my friends.  After lugging around the keyboard I used at that show, I decided that I should learn how to play a more portable instrument, so I started teaching myself guitar.


Once I picked up guitar, I started gaining a lot of momentum with music. I was playing more frequent shows throughout my high school years, and eventually, I was able to start playing shows in the "big city" of Wichita. My first show there was at the Donut Whole, and that show actually got me a spot playing one of my original songs on a morning talk show. After graduating, I went to college to get an engineering degree and started playing at bars/coffee shops around the area. I did a handful of talent shows before entering a singing competition my freshman and sophomore years. I won the competition the second year, and from that, I got the opportunity to open for AJR when they played on campus, which is to-date one of my favorite performances.

While in college, I performed multiple times at a local coffee shop/cocktail lounge, which is where I met Riley Corbin, and with him, I record my first single, Diamond in the Rough, in 2018. After that, we recorded a second single, Loaded Gun, that was released in late 2019.

In 2020, after I graduated, I moved to Tucson, AZ, and I've been playing shows around the city ever since the pandemic ended. After taking a hiatus from releasing music to establish my budding engineering career and start working towards a Master's degree, I resumed recording in 2022 and released my third song, Drowning, in May of 2023, and my fourth song, Transamerican, in September of 2023. My fifth and sixth songs, Wait and Fame, were released in 2024, and I've been continuing to work with Riley and have gotten established with a more regular release schedule.

If you're a fan of what you've listened to so far, make sure to follow me on your streaming platform of choice, my socials, and subscribe to my email list (you'll be the first to hear about new releases and shows)!

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